Training course on nutrition

From the 30th of November until the 6th of December 2021, Krousar Yoeung Association (KrY) organized a training course on nutrition and how to cook and store food in a hygienic way for the cooks and the school directors of the pre-schools of the HCC Program in the provinces of Ratanakiri and Siem Reap.

The trainers from KrY conducted this training in collaboration with the ECRC (Early Childhood Resource Center) as a part of the Happy Cambodian Children Program which is funded by the Kinchan Foundation.

The aim of the training was to highlight the importance of balanced nutrition for the breakfast and snacks that are provided to the children at the schools (giving them in adequate proportions foods from the three groups), and of cooking and storing food in a hygienic way. This training gave the participants new knowledge on nutrition and hygiene so that they can implement what they learnt to cook delicious and dietary balanced meals and snacks for the children!

Each training course lasted for three days, and three trainings were organized in both provinces. There were two groups in Ratanakiri and one group in Siem Reap. For each training around twenty cooks and school director of the HCC’s target schools participated.

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