Survey on nutrition and hygiene in three preschools – Norec project

For three days last week, KRY’s participants to the Norec project, Ms. Khortimas and Ms. Rasy, visited three target pre-schools of KrY located in the province of Kratie to carry out a short survey on nutrition and hygiene practices at the schools. The goal of the survey was to understand better what are the challenges experienced by the schools in terms of nutrition and hygiene in-order to make recommendations to improve the current practices.

The initial analysis of the data and information collected during the three-day survey showed that in the three target pre-schools of Rum Puk, Ta Pum and Kor Sang pre-school, there were less than 6 children had serous malnutrition, health issues and/or disabilities.

This is the first time that KrY’s participants to the Norec project worked directly with the communities. In the following weeks, the team will visit the target communities again to assess the challenges regarding access to nutrition and health services.

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