Today, Krousajoined its partners, Aspada Paribesh Unnayan Foundation from Bangladesh, and Pahal Jan Vikas Sahyog Sansthan from India, online for the monthly meeting of the Norec project. The aim of the meeting was to discuss about the progress of the participants’ work as well as review what had been done by each partner during the first four months of the project.

Two days ago, the three partners already organized an online Learning Workshop to share experiences on the different models used to address nutrition and health issues in each country. Ms. Rasy, KrY’s Health Officer for the Norec project, presented the 12 Keys for Healthy Families, a tool developed in collaboration with international partner PE&D with the support of the European Union and AFD to raise awareness in vulnerable communities on babies and pregnant women nutritional and health needs. And Ms. Kortimas, KrY’s Nutrition Officer for this project, also made a presentation on the importance of proper nutrition and health during the first 1000 days of life of babies to ensure that they grow healthy.

At the end of April, Khortimas and Rasy will work directly with the communities in the province of Kratie for the first time. They will focus on evaluating the needs in terms of health and nutrition in the communities and developing trainings and tools for KrY’s staff to improve nutrition and health conditions for the children and eventually prevent malnutrition.

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