Norec Project – Meeting with partners in India and Bangladesh

Today, KrY’s team attended a meeting with its partners Pahal Jan Vikas Sahyog Sansthan from India and Aspada Paribesh Unnayan Foundation from Bangladesh to discuss the project they are working on together: “Enhanced Nutritional Security through Reciprocity” (ENSR) which is funded by the Norec.

This monthly meeting was the occasion for all partners to update each other on the progress of their work and discuss any challenges together. Indeed, the project will run for three years until August 2024 and its goal is to build up the capacities of the three organizations and exchange knowledge and approaches on health and nutrition.

Initially, this project planned to send participants from each of the three organizations abroad to work with the partners to learn from them and then share the knowledge learnt from their experience with KrY’s staff. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, international exchange has been suspended for the first year of the project. Khortimas and Rasy, KrY’s participants to the project, are therefore working in Cambodia in KrY’s communities of intervention. We hope that the exchange of participants will be possible soon and that we will be able to meet our partners physically!

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