NOREC Project, end of the one-year project

On Monday December 20, 2021, KrY’s team attended an online workshop on “Challenges and Lessons learnt” with its two partners in the NOREC project: ASPADA Paribesh Foundation based in Bangladesh and Pahal Jan Vikas Sahyog Sansthan, based in India.

This day was also the occasion for the three partners of the project to hold their last Partner Meeting. They were able to review the activities and objectives accomplished during the year 2021.

Indeed, this project was a one-year project funded by NOREC which focused on strengthening nutrition and health services in all three countries.

This month of December 2021 marks the end of this first one-year project but not the end of the collaboration between the three partners. Indeed, from January 2022 to December 2024, Kry, Pahal and ASPADA will continue their exchange of skills on the theme of Enhanced Nutritional Security through Reciprocity (ENSR) for the next three years. It will be an exchange and learning project where the three organizations will be learning from each other’s and building up their competencies.

KrY’s team is very happy to start a new three-year project with its two partners in 2022!

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