Exposure visits between schools (Chey Sen and Chheb to Chhue Klem)

Fifteen stakeholders of Don Ton and Chey Sen preschool visited Chheu Kleum preschool on the 16th of March.

The aim of the exposure visit was for all the stakeholders involved in the management of the pre-schools of Don Ton and Chey Sen to learn from the experience of the pre-school and primary school of Chheu Kleum. Indeed, the school of Chheu Kleum received an award in 2021 for the quality of its environment and other schools can learn from the way Chheu Kleum is managed, the leadership of its director in implementing new ideas such as a shared garden and a canteen as well as the good cooperation between the different stakeholders.

Among the 15 stakeholders who came from Preah Vihear, there were the schools’ directors of the pre-schools of Don Ton and Chey Sen, the preschool teachers, as well as the representatives of the school committees.

The pre-schools of Don Ton and Chey Sen are part of a three-year project which started in August 2021 and targets five pre-schools in the province of Preah Vihear. The main goal of the project is to improve access to quality early childhood education for vulnerable children in remote areas.

Chheu Kleum is one of the target schools of the Happy Cambodian Children Program which is supported by the Kinchan Foundation and implemented by Krousar Yoeung Association for the pre-school component. Since 2018, in Chheu Kleum, around 400 children aged 3 to 5 have gained access to pre-school education thanks to this program.

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