Last week, KrY’s staff as well as a trainer from the ECRC visited eight preschools in the province of Ratanakiri. The goal was to monitor the teaching’s activities done by the teachers in those preschools. The trainers observed the activities done in class and provided coaching and feedback to the teachers on how to improve especially for the new teachers who just started.

The visits lasted from 22nd to 25th of March and aimed at strengthening the capacities of the new teachers in those target preschools by coaching them and giving them advice, such as teaching techniques and strategies, tips on lesson plan preparation, and how to make easy teaching materials themselves to adapt their teaching to the class but also follow the national curriculum and pedagogy for children aged 3 to 5.

Ratanakiri is one of the target provinces of the Happy Cambodian Children Program (HCC). In this province, the program supports 12 pre-schools. The HCC Program is funded by the Kinchan Foundation and focuses on providing access to quality preschool education for vulnerable children, improving the nutrition of the children through daily breakfast distributions and building up the capacities of the teachers through teachers’ training.

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