KRY in collaborates with the Early Childhood of Education Office of the Diocese of Phnom Penh to organize a training about “Preschool pedagogy technical”

On 16th November 2022, Krousar Yoeung Association collaberates with the Early Childhood of Education Office of the Diocese of Phnom Penh, organized a training course on “Preschool pedagogy technical” to 70 preschool teachers from Catholic community preschool in Apostolic of Phnom Penh Diocese.

The training course will be hosted from 16th to 18th November 2022 at St. Peter and St. Pual Catholic Church Phnom Penh thmey in order to further strengthen the capacity of the community preschool teachers who are all participants. In-depth management of classroom administration and teaching methods for young children from 3 to 5 years old as well as helping to increase the capacity to implement quality teaching methods, as well as to help preschool teachers to be creative and create new ideas to teach children.

Be reminded that, Catholic Community and KRY had experiences of collaberating of training the pedagogy to catholic’s preschool teachers for many years. The three dioces of Catholic church in Cambodia alwaya send their participant to attend the preschool pedagoy training with KRY.

It is a very pleasure for KRY to join the collaboration with Catholic Church in Cambodia, Organizations, Association and others institution those are working relevant with the early childhood education. KRY is being well prepare for providing the training pedagogy techniques or other early childhood education’s facilities and pedagogies game.

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