Job Re-Announcement (Urgent)

Kroursar Yoeung Association (KrY) is a local non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties and was established in 2002 with the Ministry of Interior to promote health conditions, cognition, and development of children, strengthen childcare and parenting, improve and empower families through different development programs.

Currently, KrY has been working in partnership with ASPADA in Bangladesh, and PAHAL in India on Strengthening Partnership to Enhance Nutrition Security through Reciprocity Project (ENSR) funded by the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation, NOREC. The project has three rounds each round will last for 12 months on exchange plus two months of follow-up activities. Due to the consequences of the pandemic virus of Covid-19, the first round of the project has been carried out through the virtual exchange, and it will end by January 2023. The second round will start from January 2023 to February 2024. The third round will start from January 2024 to February 2025

The project aims to provide Cambodian youth (18-35 years old) who are dynamic and challenging with overseas exchange opportunities, particularly in Bangladesh and India on related nutrition and primary health care.

To continue the 3rd round of the ENSR project, KrY is now seeking for qualified and dynamic Cambodian nationals to fulfill the following positions of 1 Junior Nutrition Officer- based in Bangladesh

In partnership of Kimchan Foundation in Germany, KrY is currently implementing and operating the community/state pre-schools in Siem Reap, Ratanak Kiri, Tbong Khmom and Kratie Province. It will be scaled up to other remote and rural areas across the country in the future. Now we are hiring 2 Project Officers, 1 based in Kratie Province and 1 based in Ratanak Kiri Province.

Major Responsibilities and Expected Tasks Performance:

1 – Position:  Junior Nutrition Officer –  based in Bangladesh (this position should be under 35year old)

The position will be on physical exchange and he/she will be working with one of the Bangladesh organizations called ASPADA in Bangladesh from February to December 2024. The contract is made for 14 months of which 12 months on the exchange in India and 2 months will be for the preparation of departure and homing coming follow-up with KrY in Cambodia (Head office in Phnom Penh)

Note:  During the exchange period in Bangladesh, accommodation is provided.

  • Assess the feasibility of establishing a Nutrition Resources Centre (NRC) in the Bhaluka Upazila of Mymensingh district by designing a formal study.
  • Conduct in-house training on the establishment of the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) and functioning mechanism for the ASPADA health team.
  • Develop a training module consisting of 10 sessions of 2-3 hours duration on nutrition management of a family including a healthy lifestyle.
  • Meet SRG members at regular intervals during their monthly meetings to deliver planned sessions on nutritional management.
  • Develop a strategy and implement a Participatory Learning Action (PLA) approach to awareness building of the target community.
  • Develop a training module and conduct in-house training to the health cooperative and ENRICH project team on the PLA approach
  • Implement the PLA approach in the 30 SRGs rotationally.
  • Develop Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials like flip charts, handbills, posters, etc. to popularize the good practices.
  • Technical backstopping to the ASPADA team for facilitating the new approach implementation.
  • Arrange and facilitate SRG network meetings aimed at important information sharing on health and nutrition to strengthen the SRGs.
  • Train youth volunteers on healthy living focusing on nutrition.


  • Other required tasks can be requested to be performed when needed.


  • Cambodian national with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and or Equivalent fields.
  • Experience in the fieldwork of Nutrition or Primary Health Care
  • Excellent personal organizational skills and flexibility within a dynamic work environment
  • Deliverable some initial technical skills:
  • Computer literacy (MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, social media and other relevant communication and web platforms, and use of Email and Internet etc.
  • Good ability to speak and write report in English

2 – Position:  Project Officer (1 Based in Kratie and 1 Based in Ratanak Kiri Province)

The Project Officer will be responsible for the operation of the project implementation for strengthening the quality of learning and teaching of preschool students, monitoring and supervising preschool activities such as hygiene, school breakfast, administration, and maintenance facilities.

The project officer is under direct supervision by the project manager of the Happy Cambodian Children (HCC) project. The project officers will work closely with the project manager, M&E coordinator, technical coordinators, admin and finance officer, and other project staff to support the project implementation to reach the HCC goal.

  • To ensure the preschools are functioning well with appropriate support.
  • Coordinate and administrate in the target preschools and implementation the preschool operations such as planning activities, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating projects.
  • Develop a budget plan, and project plan, and review the activities quarterly and annually with project managers.
  • Participate in developing project implementation on M&E tools to ensure the operational activities are carried out with proper tracking.
  • Update the project progress activities to project managers to seek intervention support if needed.
  • Provide daily attendant records to project managers weekly and monthly.
  • Monitoring the school breakfast, snack, and fresh milk expenditure and reporting monthly to project managers.
  • Produce the regular project activity reports to the project manager monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Monitoring the hygiene activities such as handwashing station, handwashing liquid, teeth brushing, and others.
  • Monitoring the infrastructure and other facilities in HCC maintenance standards.
  • Strong knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments on preschool education.
  • Monitoring and supervision of kindergarten teacher’s activities on preschool curriculum, pedagogy, and technical support.
  • Provide on-the-job training/coaching to preschool teachers, cooks, school management committee, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Supervise and provide coaching support to preschool teachers to make sure are able to implement and operate the preschool education to achieve the HCC goal with effectively and efficiently.
  • Participate to organize staff performance appraisal and review job description to meet the project expectation
  • Work closely with the Finance and Admin Unit to ensure all administrative and logistic work required for the respective projects.
  • Provide logistic support for materials distribution and arrangement for donor visits when it is required.
  • Work closely collaboration with local authorities and relevant stakeholders to support the project works.
  • Facilitate and support external visitor during project site visit
  • Participate and report any project administration concerns at respective to local authorities, NGOs partners, and other relevant stak


  • Participate in team meeting, network meeting, local authority and other workshop to build strong relationship with all partners.


  • At least a bachelor degree in Education, Management, Administration, and at least two-year experience of working with NGOs, especially in preschool education, social development, and health issues, has staff management and finance experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate project activities and expenditure.
  • Demonstrated ability to liaise and negotiate with government and social partners at local level.
  • Ability to supervise preschool teachers and other stakeholders.
  • Good willing to travel field and reported writing in English
  • It is expected that the person will be creative, initiative, sound judgment, hardworking and enthusiastic, and has good leadership and capacity to work in a team, presents communication and facilitation skills

Application Information

The individual who is interested in the position above shall submit a CV with a cover letter via electronic mail to the address: [email protected] before 5:00 pm, on 12th January 2024.

Applications must be in MS Word format or PDF.

Do not attach any certificates or recommendation letters unless they are requested.

Applications and CVs will not be returned.

Women and disabled people are strongly encouraged to apply. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Contact Information

Any inquiries before the submission deadline should be addressed to:

     Ms. Phoung Kresna, Admin & Finance Manager, H/P: 089 474 766

Office Address: #577, St. Angtamin, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Po Senchey, Phnom Penh

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Job Re-Announcement (Urgent)

Kroursar Yoeung Association (KrY) is a local non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties and was established in 2002 with the Ministry of Interior

Project Assistant

Contact Details: Office Address – #577, St. No 3 Angtaminh, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Pur SenChey, Phnom Penh, CambodiaContact Name: Ms. Phoung Kresna, Finance and Admin ManagerPhone: