ECRC – One-month training on pre-school pedagogy for teachers

Congratulations to the seven teachers from the pre-schools of the Catholic Church in Cambodia who completed a one-month training on Pre-school pedagogy provided by the ECRC at KrY training facility in Phnom Penh!

The training was organized from the 3rd to the 27th of January 2022 and lasted 22-days. The pre-school teachers could improve their knowledge on 14 topics and learn from different trainers and experts coming from the Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC), the Teacher Training Department of the MOEYS, the Early Childhood Education Department of the MoEYS, as well as the Health Education Department and the Pre-School Teacher Training Center.

Sister Ang Songvat, a catholic nun from Prey Veng Parish said the reason that the church sent their teachers to be trained at Krousar Yoeung Association is because she knew that KrY pays high attention in providing quality trainings on pre-school pedagogy.

In fact, the aim of the training was to strengthen the knowledge of the seven teachers on early childhood development, pre-school pedagogy and the pre-school curriculum, teaching methodology, class management as well as how to interact with School Supporting Committees and the parents of the children.

All of the candidates passed the training successfully after an intense 22-days training. Once again congratulations to them and KrY’s team wishes them all the best in their careers as teachers!

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