Who We Are?

Krousar Yoeung Association is a local non-governmental organization with no religious or political ties and was established to improve the welfare, intellectual and overall development of children, to enhance parenting skills, to improve their livelihoods and to empower them towards autonomy.

Krousar Yoeung Association was established in November 2001 and has been officially registered with the Ministry of Interior since August 13, 2002.


Cambodian children grow up with confidence in a stimulating environment respectful of their rights and needs.


Krousar Yoeung Association’s key mission is to contribute to the emergence of an environment conducive to small  children’s  overall  and  holistic  development,  which  includes  their  intelligent  capacities, language skills, harmony, living conditions, and physical condition. To achieve this mission, the association shall be considered in followings:

  • Supports the implementation of early childhood programs appropriate to the context and reality of villagers.
  • Works to enhance the quality of the parent-child relationship and parenting skills.
  • Shares in the development and promotion of early childhood education with local officials, localNGOs, international NGOs and donors.
  • Contributes  to  human  resource  development  specializing  in  early  childhood  and  family empowerment activities.
  • Provides support in the form of technical advice and resource persons to ministries, NGOs and IOs in the field of early childhood and parenting activities.

Our values

Welfare and Respecting Children’s Rights:

 Children are healthy and their physical, intellectual, sensorial and socio affective development are stimulated by the activities they take part in. Children need to act, to explore and to apprehend the world by themselves. They need an appropriate and stimulating environment and encouragement which contribute to their autonomy and provide them with opportunities to develop their own skills.

Respecting the Dignity and Welfare of the Family:

As a basic unit of the society, the family remains a fundamental social institution, guarantor of the security, well-being, protection, and cohesion of its members. Therefore, it must be protected, and its capacities must be strengthened.

Respecting Human Rights and Autonomy of People and Communities:

The actions implemented by the Association must work towards the reinforcement and the autonomy of people and communities.

Partnership (Family, Local Authorities, Institutes, Local NGOs and IOs):

Krousar Yoeung Association strengthens and mobilizes the resources available in the community through the promotion of an effective dialogue between families, local authorities, and organizations offering basic services in the villages. KrY encourages assistance among partners and counts on the existing strengths and resources within the family and community.

Effectiveness, Efficiency, Transparency, & Accountability:

Krousar Yoeung Association’s team values the effectiveness and efficiency of its work, as well as the transparency of its actions. Everybody is accountable (in terms of conscientiousness, skill, cooperation, experience sharing, and responsibility) regarding his function in the Association. Children’s rights are taken into high consideration in the actions of every member of the staff.