Fried rice is one of the favorite meals of the children in Cambodia and it is also a traditional and easy to cook meal. In this video, you will see that the nutritional quality of traditional stir-fried rice can be improved by adding ingredients such as different kinds of vegetables, egg, pork, sausages, as well as many kinds of spices. Cooked this way, fried rice can also bring the children all the nutrients they need for the day and delight them as it is one of their favorite foods. However, fried rice also contains a high amount of carbs which can cause weight gain if eaten too often. Therefore, the children of HCC’s pre-schools should only eat fried rice once a week or less.

This video has been produced by KrY in the framework of the Happy Cambodian Children Program for the cooks of the program’s pre-schools to meet all the nutritional needs of the children. This program aims at improving access to pre-school education and supporting children aged 3 to 5 years old especially in terms of nutrition. This program is funded by the Kinchan Foundation.

The HCC program provides a nutritious breakfast daily for the children of 43 preschools around Cambodia to prevent malnutrition.

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